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Brassy – electric or hot water

A high performance radiator with a stunning highly polished brass finish. Reflective, golden, glamorous.

This is a unique, innovative radiator and with high heat outputs, ‘Brassy’ is perfect for those early Winter mornings getting ready for work when, well, it’s brassy out there! Low water volume and diverter fitted as standard means rapid warm up and perfect for low temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. Also available in electric versions. Additional warming towel rails in the same finish can also be added to the radiators.

Hinge & Bracket can be specified so that the radiator appears to “float” just off the wall with the valves fully disguised. Yet with a simple click to the bottom centre of the radiator, you have full access to your thermostatic controls.

Brassy is available in a wide range of sizes and orientation, from full length columns to long and low under window radiators. Bespoke sizes can be created to suit absolutely any space to the nearest mm. Two depths, 50mm or 95mm.

Brassy is a super high polished brass, opening up the room in which it exists, great for small spaces and such a warm reflective stunning surface.
There may be some very minor distortion in the panel, particularly around the edges. It won’t therefore compete with a glass mirror for absolute reflection perfection.
Brass will tarnish over time naturally. Remember Great Grandma polishing her brass ornaments around that fireplace? It’s very therapeutic. Well, if you like Brassy highly polished, book yourself in for a good old buff from time to time. Otherwise love the natural evolution of this beautiful metal.