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Gordon – flash drying towel warmer

It was time for a radical re-think in the world of towel warmers. This beautiful, simplistic, highly functional design is available in three colours as standard; White, Dark Grey and Jet Black.
This is an electric towel warmer.



1m H x 208mm W x 110 mm D


£200 + VAT

200 watts

Lead time 1 week.

Part no. GOR10-1


1m H x 472mm W x 110 mm D


£400 + VAT

400 watts

Lead time currently 4 weeks.

Part no. GOR10-2


The Eskimo powder team have tried and tested paint finishes for your Gordon towel warmer and the winner is a textured, non slip, special powder finish. You can see the examples of this on the first four rows of thumbnail images opposite. It’s very matt and aids the hanging and drying of your towels beautifully. So, to clarify, the shots that have a paint finish that looks semi gloss are NOT what you’ll receive. These shots were from the initial product testing contact sheet shoot.


Your Gordon hanging brackets and fixing parts are very discrete. The front and the back of your Gordon is powder coated throughout in its colour finish. Please note that hanging bracket parts and fixing screws are not the same finish as your Gordon. They are stainless steel. Below are some technical snap shot images of a single and double Gordon. We have removed one off the wall so that you can see the hanging bracket – same bracket for a single or double Gordon, very discrete. The last image demonstrates a worst case – single Gordon on an uneven wall with the bracket built out on spacers – usual gap is only 10mm, here it’s more like 20mm. Even then you can hardly see the bracket and that’s with the camera physically touching the wall.

IMG_6225 IMG_6226 IMG_6227 IMG_6228 IMG_6231 IMG_6232