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NEW Marbles – three carefully selected stones.
Beautifully finished and selected for contemporary living.

Natural stone veneers applied to a fibreglass resin backing, offers an opportunity to explore the potential of natural materials that excites the designers and engineers at Eskimo.

Stone being a natural finish, it offers the most exciting variations in colour, pattern, shape/movement/formation. The great news is that your Marble radiator is always a ‘one off’ unique piece. The bad news is that any natural stone product is not for the control freaks out there.

The nature of the Marble collection means that you have to get back to nature a little bit and let Eskimo help you to let go.
The geological production process that made Marble so gorgeous took millennia to complete so don’t expect precision in this finish. If that is what you need then Marble is not for you.

Outline is a modular aluminium, high output radiator ‘engine’ with various stunning options of front fascia. Available in two standard depths and 25 standard sizes. Bespoke sizes are also readily available – we make Outline to the nearest mm to fit odd spaces and match existing pipe centres, reducing your installation costs.

You can specify Hinge & Bracket too, so that, for example with Supermiror, the mirror panel appears to “float” just off of the wall with the radiator function disguised yet still accessible so that you have full thermostatic control on a water model.

You can also opt for fitted towel rails to create a high performance radiator and towel warmer combined.

Central heating or electric models are available in this Outline radiator range.

Marbles finishes
Bianco Carrara
Crema Marfil
Walnut Travertine

Hinge & Bracket, access to controls, is available.

Hidden manual valves, no access, also available.

Towel hanging rails, in the same finish, for some Outline radiators.
(5mm x 40mm strips) can be added.

Cliff Hangers and special finishes towel hanging rails:
Alternative towel hanging rails in chrome can be added. In single or double styles.