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outline – electric or hot water

As you know, Eskimo’s mission is to rid the World of ugly and impractical, inefficient radiators. Well, you know those awful white things that you still see absolutely everywhere, these can be beautiful too.

Sure, they can still be simple and blend into the background for those who don’t love radiators as much as we all do (I know – weird), but there is absolutely no excuse for inefficiency and eyesores.

With Hinge & Bracket applied to our water models, there is simply nothing that disappears like a white Outline on a white wall, particularly when that radiator is built into a recessed alcove. For hidden heating options it’s better than underfloor because it has proper temperature control.

Eskimo’s ‘Outline’ range of flat panel radiators is a design that satisfies lovers of the clean line. Outline is a modular aluminium high output radiator with a separate stainless steel or powder coated steel front fascia panel bonded to and part of the radiator design. So like all of our collection, can be colour matched to your desired interior palette.

If you select a RAL colour, our standard RAL or a RAL of your choice, please note that these powders have a tolerance called Delta E. Delta E readings should be less than 1%. This means that RAL colours are very close if not perfect, but if you’re having different surfaces in the same RAL, please not be aware of this.

You may also chose a monolithic marvel in any of of our other stunning finishes; BrassyCliffbrushed stainlessSupermirrorWoody, Marble, Concrete, Groovy Bamboo, Rusty or Gong,

Available in two standard depths, 50mm and 95mm, and any size to the nearest mm for water models.

A unique, innovative radiator with high heat outputs, perfect for those early Winter mornings getting ready for work! Low water volume and diverter fitted as standard means rapid warm up and perfect for low temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. As with all Outline radiators, available in electric and hot water versions.

Twin function with optional factory fitted towel rails added, acts as a high performance radiator and towel warmer.

If you choose an electric Outline radiator, in any of the finishes, each radiator will require one wireless receiver. This can be concealed within the wiring box on the wall.


In addition you’ll then need to control your electric radiator via an analogue or digital room thermostat. Up to 17 radiators can be controlled with either.


Part number EMA TH IMH A – ROOM THERMOSTAT, ANALOGUE £69 + VAT – As above but can’t programme when comes on, just on and off and up and down with temperature.