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Woody & Groovy Bamboo – electric or hot water

Woody? That wouldn’t work would it?

According to our tests, yes it would. We are proud to announce that our new ‘Woody’ radiator is now available and in seven stunning veneers. Which now introduces Groovy Bamboo, 2017′s very eco friendly radiator finish.

Bamboo – more than a wood alternative

Bamboo replenishes itself quickly. It is a grass with wood-like characteristics, growing up to 1 metre per day in tropical regions, making it the fastest growing plant on earth.

Environmentally friendly

Every year the parent bamboo plant develops new stems. These new stems can be harvested after 5 years in a mature plantation without decreasing the size of the forest. Regular harvesting actually improves the growth of the bamboo.

The supplier that we work with opts for an environmentally friendly approach in the processing of bamboo strips for our radiator veneers. If required, 100% formaldehyde free glue is used and meet the requirements set out in the European standard E1 norm.

Over the years, FSC has become an important international standard. Bamboo is not a wood, it is a grass. And to produce bamboo products no deforestation is necessary or even possible: only the 5-6 years old plants are harvested.

However, a lot of building contracts required FSC only materials. So in 2004 FSC has allowed bamboo into their system.

No threat to Pandas

Pandas live in the mountain ranges of central China and forage where the shorter species of bamboo are more accessible. The taller bamboo species has no leaf growth on the first metre of the stem, and is therefore not a food source for the panda.

Woody – The technical bit

Tests on Eskimo’s thermal cycling rig included cooling down to ambient temperature and heating up to 80 degrees Celsius whilst being automatically sprayed at 5 minute intervals with water. It remained completely unaffected by high temperature fluctuations and damp and humid environments. There was no damage to the surface finish found, the Woody remained as beautiful as before its test.

In short Woody is the perfect bathroom radiator as well as other areas of your scheme.

One of reasons for using wood is that you get a very nice and even gentle spread of temperature with no hot spots, even when the radiator ‘engine’ itself is delivering high heat output.

True, wood is a great insulator (it has low thermal conductivity), but Eskimo have worked out how to combine the unique aesthetic properties of wood with the thermal performance of aluminium, based on the tried and tested technology we’ve been continuously perfecting for 10 years with our Outline range of radiators.

The beautiful bit – Three finishes are available, with and without towel rails; English Oak, Walnut and Fumed Oak. With Hinge & Bracket now available, there is simply nothing more beautiful. For hidden heating it’s better than underfloor too because it has proper temperature control.

Woody is available in two standard depths, shallow and deep, 61mm and 106mm respectively – with the deep version giving double the heat output.

The aesthetic qualities of wood and it’s tactile nature are something everyone can relate to, and when you ask people to describe wood, the majority will use the adjective “warm”. You’d expect it therefore to be used more frequently for heating appliances, particularly for the parts that people actually touch.

As you’d expect from Eskimo, we only use timber from well managed forests, using sustainable, FSC certified sources. And once again our suppliers are British. One of the best furniture makers in the UK today.