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This year has probably seen Eskimo's best 100% Design yet. We came back to our roots and concentrated on a retrospective of 8 years of Eskimo. Over the next few weeks we'll include a series of reviews of the products we had on display at 100% – mostly Eskimo Radiators with the odd Old Deer thrown in for good measure. Standout successes included Eskimo's new floor mounted radiator – Leggy Ron, Eskimo's new mirror radiators – supermirror Get Up and You Square, Eskimo's new towel rail radiators Outline with towel rails and Ron with towel rails. All of these products are availab

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le as both bespoke radiators and standard radiators and with aluminium radiators and stainless steel radiators available from Eskimo you can be sure we have all bases covered.

Get Up supermirror stainless steel radiator shown below – a tall column contemporary radiator that has a very high heat

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output along with the dual function of acting as a mirror. Heated mirrors from Eskimo – you gotta love em.

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October 22nd, 2010

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