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Eskimo added a floor mounted version of our best selling Ron Radiator at this year's 100% Design. Floor mounted radiators are perfect for installation in front of floor to ceiling glass, so as conservatory radiators or in shop windows. Ron really lends itself to floor mounting as the radiator is perfectly symmetrical and so looks just as good from the back as it does from the front. Floor mounted radiators are also great for positioning in rooms with delicate or expensive wall coverings which you'd prefer not to spoil by screwing radiator brackets into them, such as top banana wallpapers or wood panelling in listed buildings. Floor mounted Ron radiators can also be positi

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oned under benches to keep your wintry bottom warm.

Our Ron radiator has been adapted for floor mounting by extending the two end legs (with up to two additional middle legs depending on the length of the radiator) down towards the floor and adding aluminium oval feet to match the aluminium extrusion of the Ron radiator section. The radiator valves are positioned inside the radiator legs so keep them as unobtrusive as possible and prevent them from spoling the outside lines of the radiator. Corner valves are required – any 1/2″ BSP corner valve is compatible and TRVs will operate perfectly.

The only thing we should mention is that you should fix your floor mounted radiator firmly to the floor, ideally on a concrete floor with the M8x65 expansion bolts provided.


November 15th, 2010

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