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Our retailers are ready to take your orders for the patinated brass and copper Gong outline radiators.

At the moment, due to the hand finishing, the leadtime is 8 weeks. We aim to reduce to 6 weeks as soon as is possible.
The choices are as follows:
1. Brassy Knoll – a patinated brass – granite grey base w

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ith sea green highlights.
2. Mighty Magmas – a patinated copper – an earthy pallet of burnt orange and rose tones.
3. Midnight Caller – a patinated brass – aggregate greys washed with a night sky blue.
4. Dusky Moodstress – a patinated brass – dark chocolate brown with warm golden hints.
NB: due to the hand finished nature of the patinas, EVERY  beautiful Gong is different in tone and pattern each time.

Gongs are now included in our Outline price list which you can find in Collections/Outline and scroll down to a PDF below the gallery images.

Call your distributor now.


March 2nd, 2012

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