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What could be improved about Eskimo’s Outline range of radiators?

After ten years of continuous development very little it would seem, so we decided to move quite literally up and down stream of the radiator to the next part of the heating system – the valves.

Even though, in Ottinetti, we have selected the world’s most beautiful valves to partner our radiators they are still a distraction from our clean lines. We know the reason our customer’s love our Outline range in particular is their simplicity of form, a form that can be ruined by the wrong selection of valves.

Therefore Eskimo has put a lot of research and development time over the last year into developing a solution to this problem and we’ve resolved it with our hidden manual valve solution and our new Hinge & Bracket option on Outline radiators.

Our hidden manual valves are a simple modification to our standard product employing flexible hoses incorporating simple quarter turn ball valves (operated by a screwdriver) that allow the radiator to be connected to the pipework prior to the radiator being hung.

The radiator is then set up by the plumber to check the operation before being hung on the wall on the brackets provided. The fle

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xible hoses are then coiled up and hidden behind the extended front panel at the bottom of the radiator. This a relatively low cost solution suitable for bathrooms and other areas where thermostatic control of the radiator may not always be required, or where a room thermostat is installed to turn the radiator on and off as required. It should be noted that turning the radiator off for maintenance will necessitate taking the radiator off it’s brackets and turning the valves off – the valves cannot be turned off without first unhanging the radiator.

Our new Hinge & Bracket design goes one step further. It has all the benefits of our hidden manual valve system but with full thermostatic controls that are completely accessible when the radiator is “opened”.

Hinge and Bracket Outline radiators are hinged at the top and are opened by pushing the bottom of the radiator inwards slightly to release a latch. The radiator then pivots forward on the top hinges with the use of two gas struts that take the weight of the radiator and keep it open while you adjust the valves to your desired temperature. The radiator is then pushed back into position until the latch engages.

Valves are a necessary part of a heating system – they allow the radiator to be controlled and maintained, but at least with Eskimo’s hidden valve systems, they can become your dirty little secret.


October 1st, 2012

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