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At just £200 and 200 watts (single model), this ingenious and beautifully formed towel warmer is perfect for all spaces. Especially bathrooms.
1000mm H x 208mm W x 110mm D
Flat matt non slip finish; dark grey, white or black as standard. Other colours available.
1 week lead time.

You can also choose a double Gordon.
1000mm H x 472mm W x 110mm D

04_single gordon grey_close_angle_2nd end prong_towel_03401_double gordon grey_00101_double gordon grey_bathroom_00801_double gordon grey_birdseye_00601_double gordon grey_close_00401_double gordon grey_side_00704_single gordon grey_birdseye_03004_single gordon grey_close_angle_2nd end prong_towel_03404_single gordon grey_close_angle_03104_single gordon grey_close_angle_end prong towel_03204_single gordon grey_shower rm_01204_single gordon grey_towel_shower room_013

June 5th, 2017

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