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This month we reveal Hinge & Bracket. The first radiator design that appears to ‘float’. Hinge & Braket

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allows you to neatly hide a set of thermostatic valves and all of the pipe work, whilst still enabling you to control your temperature.

It’s absolutely beautiful. A design celebrated by the lovers of clean line and a shining example of how great, simple design can ensure harmony between form and function.
Launched at 100% Design in September 2012, the design industry and design savvy consumers alike, covetted Hinge & Bracket and we are now happy to announce that they are available to all.

Obviously Eskimo’s Supermirror radiator has been the firm favourite for Hinge & Bracket. After all you get a mirror and a radiator in one. However, Interior Designers are also enjoying Woody, Gong and Rusty in this design and it’s worth noting that any RAL and brushed stainless is available too. It’s all about our radiators blending in with the interior that you’ve

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If you know about Eskimo, you know that we’re helpfully bespoke, so, as with all of our Outline radiators, you can have whatever size you want, to the nearst mm. the only requirement for Hinge & Bracket being that you must start with at least 430mm in length or height. Depths are 50mm or 95mm, 61mm and 106mm for Woody. And the heat output is incredible as with all of our radiators.

Valves are a necessary part of a heating system – they allow the radiator to be controlled and maintained, but at least with Eskimo’s hidden valve systems, they can become your dirty little secret.

For all size and price information, please go to our website or call us on 0207 117 0110.. And for any high resolution shots or further press information, please contact Louisa Jenkins, Brand Manager at


January 25th, 2013

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