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This month we reveal Eskimo’s new radiator, Rusty. The edgier, more industrial cousin from the Midlands is the latest addition to the Outline radiator collection.

Rusty is an exclusive steel finish that has been hand patinated, using intermittent spraying techniques to create a stunning palette. Sealed with a hardwax oil to keep it perfect forever, you can lean up against Rusty and be confident that all you’ll receive is warmth.

Two depths, 50mm and 95mm  and with huge heat outputs to cry out for in this current weather. It’s absolutely beautiful. A design celebrated by the lovers of stunning metal finishes.

Available in electric or water models. If you choose a water model you can also apply the innovative Hinge & Bracket design. This nifty little feature allows you to neatly hide a set of thermostatic valves and all of the pipe

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work, whilst still enabling you to control your temperature. The first radiator design that appears to ‘float’.

Valves are a necessary part of a heating system – they allow the radiator to be controlled and maintained, but at least with Eskimo’s hidden valve systems, they can become your dirty little secret.

If you know about Eskimo, you know that we’re helpfully bespoke, so, as with all of our Outline radiators, you can have whatever size Rusty that you want, to the nearst mm. The only requirement for a Hinge & Bracket Rusty being that you must start with at least 430mm in length or height.

For all size and price information, please go to our website or call us on 0207 117 0110.

And for any high resolution shots or further press information, please contact Louisa Jenkins, Brand Manager at

March 22nd, 2013

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