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We're really pleased to announce (belatedly) the appointment of Louisa Jenkins as our Creative Director. Louisa joins us freelance after years working as accounts director for creative agencies Jam and latterly Folk. We first worked with Louisa on a 2004 project to apply a decorative surface finish to one of our Come Round radiators, when she came up with a number of stunning designs from which we selected the one below and applied it to a radiator surface by screen printing and then anodising it.

Louisa Jenkins for Eskimo

When she first started working for us in March of this year Louisa knew very little about radiators. Luckily for us she is now one of the world's fo

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remost aficionados on gorgeous hot things and more particularly Eskimo products. Louisa looks after our PR, brand and website management while producing some glorious graphic design work for us too.

“Lou has brought a whole new dynamic to Eskimo; having someone on board with her professional discipline and creative flair is a real coup for us – she's reinvigorated the brand and improved our overall communication strategy immeasurably, she really understands what we're about”, is Phil Ward's take on Louisa.

In her own words she is a little more modest: “I'm responsible for moving Eskimo Design into a more serious arena”

Lou Jenkins - serious arena

Louisa Jenkins - serious arena


September 15th, 2009

Posted In: Electronic Radiators & Heating Design