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We've had a superb day at 100% with Old Deer, our new silver antlers product. Brilliant to see Eskimo supporters who've been specifying our radiators for years getting the idea of the antlers too. You never know what reaction you'll get when you launch a new product, particularly one so unrelated to anything you've done before. That's the excitement of showing at 100% – there would really be nowhere to hide if it went wrong, so when it goes right it's incredibly rewardi

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ng. Thanks enormously for all the positive comments we've had today from virtually everyone who's been on the stand – I've genuinely been blown away by the reaction. First prize for day 1 goes to David Nicholls, Design Editor of the Telegraph, who dropped by early doors and gave us a big thumbs up on the new product – from that point on I knew we were on to a winner. If tomorrow is half as good as today, this could go down as our best 100% Design

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yet. Come and see us on stand A15. Phil


September 24th, 2009

Posted In: Electronic Radiators & Heating Design