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CLIFF, stunning new natural stone finish inspired by the British coastline. And incredible electric radiator technology from Eskimo.

October 26th, 2015

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Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 13.18.08

Stone being a natural finish, it offers the most exciting variations in colour and formation.

The great news is that your Cliff radiator is always a ‘one off’ unique piece.

The bad news is that Cliff is not for the control freaks out there.

The nature of this collection means that you have to get back to nature a little bit and let
Eskimo help you to let go. Cliff is as natural as it’s namesake (of the vertical rock wall variety rather than the Richards version). The geological production process that made Cliff so gorgeous took millennia to complete so don’t expect precision in this finish.

This really does need to be made clear to your customers. It is a natural stone finish, so
cannot be controlled. We have chosen four stone veneers so that there is some guidance as to the colours and finish, but the pattern is unique every time of course.

Cliff hangers make for great drama, they also make for great towel rails to create a high
performance radiator and towel warmer combined.
Cliff Hangers:
Towel hanging rails in chrome can be added.
£144 + VAT for a single rail.
£208 + VAT for 1 double rail.

Cliff is available in two standard depths and 25
standard sizes.
Bespoke sizes are also readily available.
You can specify Hinge & Bracket so that the
monolithic stone panel appears to “float” just off of the wall with the radiator function disguised yet still accessible so that you have full
thermostatic control.

The Cliff finish is a natural stone veneer with a high degree of surface texture. As such there is a greater potential for dimensional variation. Please allow for a dimensional
tolerance of +/- 6mm in the size of the radiator.

Cliff’s finishes:
Earthy Pit
A soil/earthy colour palette with hints of dark chocolate brown, anthracite greys and moss green hues.

Steady Flintoff
Cool greys with a sparkling surface finish.

Very dark mat slate grey to almost black.

Barren Stone
A lighter ‘Desert’ stone colour spectrum, mainly warm with hints of sandstone and rock formation greys and browns. Our Cliff finish with the widest potential variation and colour palette; not for the faint hearted. Whatever you end up with will be glorious but don’t go for Baron Stone unless you love a bit of drama.

October 6th, 2015

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Eskimo electric radiators are available in ANY of the clean lined, flat panel looking collections. So this includes; brushed, Brassy, Cliff, Gong, Outline (any RAL colour), Supermirror and The Holy Rail. Take a look on our website

Eskimo electric radiators are lightweight with a low thermal mass. This makes them quick to heat up and cool down making them highly controllable, saving electricity costs over the life of the product compared to underfloor heating or storage heaters.

Coupled with a programmable thermostatic system we calculate that you can save between 12 & 18% of your energy costs compared to the alternatives.

Eskimo spent over 2 years in research and development of their latest Outline “dry electric” modular heating element. Coupling a high efficiency, natural convection aluminium heat exchanger to a powerful electric resistance heating element, the design has been honed to provide the maximum heat output within the space envelope available without resorting to noisy and impossible to clean fans or the very high surface temperatures associated with radiant heating panels.

What this means to our clients is that:
Eskimo’s electric range delivers huge heat outputs from radiators that are in most cases smaller than their central heating cousins.

There is no visible electric control gear – all you see is the geometric shape of the radiator with a power cable exiting from the underside.

Unlike most products on the market they are not cannibalised versions of central heating radiators with a heating element added on. They are not fluid filled making them, more reliable (there is no fluid to cause leaks) more controllable and with an even distribution of heat across the surface of the radiator.

They provide a good split between radiant heat (the heat you feel from a fire or the sun) and convected heat (raising the temperature by moving warm air around the room). This makes the room a much more comfortable and pleasant environment.

They are incredibly easy to install and can be controlled by either our own wireless programmable room thermostats or via any other thermostatic control system.

In RAL9016 Traffic White they are a very cost effective alternative for commercial and hotel interiors.

Metal finishes

29 standard RAL colours
Or choose any RAL you like
(additional cost)
Or use our colour matching
service (additional cost)

Woody – Oak, Fumed Oak and
Cliff – Earthy Pit, Steady Flintoff,
Mist-in-slater and Baron Stone.

Towel hanging rails
(5mm x 40mm strips) can be added.
£99 + VAT for the first rail.
£56 + VAT for subsequent rails.

Cliff Hangers:
Alternative towel hanging rails in chrome can be added.
£144 + VAT for a single rail.
£208 + VAT for 1 double rail.

October 5th, 2015

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January 26th, 2015

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the distributor_issue 17_NOV 2014

November 27th, 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 16.42.59

May 29th, 2014

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Electric Radiators from Eskimo

After a 2 year product development program Eskimo are launching an all new high performance electric heating “engine” that can be fitted behind any of their Outline radiator finishes.

Eskimo’s new electric range of radiators represent a breakthrough in electric heating. Not only have they exceed the performance of Eskimo’s existing electric products by around 40%, they also beat every other non-fan assisted convector and radiant heater on the market. For the first time you can now purchase a silent electric radiator that matches or exceeds the performance of many central heating radiators on a size for size basis.

Eskimo have achieved this by going right back to first principles during the design phase for this new range.  Most electric radiators are cannibalised versions of their more prolific central heating cousins. In the majority of cases this means taking the existing product, filling it with water, glycol or oil and then heating this fluid with an electric immersion heating element. This has several drawbacks:

  • In order to ensure an electric radiator operates safely you have to be sure it can’t rapidly overheat if, for instance, it is installed incorrectly without adequate airflow, or if the radiator is mistakenly covered. This means de-rating the radiator below its actual performance. Most electric radiators are fitted with a heating element 30% below the nominal power of the radiator.
  • The large quantity of fluid in the radiator is a substantial thermal mass, all of which has to be heated by natural convection – taking a long time to heat up and a long time to cool down, reducing controllability and running increasing costs.
  • The thermal expansion space required by the fluid in the radiator requires careful management when the radiator is produced. If this space is miscalculated, or if the radiator overheats, this expansion space might not be adequate in which case the pressure in the radiator will build up and cause the radiator to burst.
  • If a liquid filled radiator fails for any reason during its lifetime it can leak causing extensive damage to the building as well as being a safety hazard.

Eskimo’s have designed out all of these issues with their new dry electric range:

  • The heat exchanger engine is designed specifically for electric power, meaning that every bit of heat transfer surface area is optimised for the heat source giving the highest heat outputs of any non-fan assisted designer electric radiator on the market. You can now swap over most central heating radiators directly for an Eskimo dry electric without any reduction in performance.
  • Eskimo’s dry electric radiator has a uniquely low thermal mass meaning that they reach their maximum temperature within 6 minutes of being switched on. This rapid warm up means you never need to switch them on before you need them. This means lower energy bills and a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It also opens up the possibility of control via PIR motion sensors meaning the radiators only turn on when someone enters the building.
  • No fluid means no potential leaks. Eskimo’s dry electric products have a double failsafe system. In the event of overheating their inbuilt sensor simply switches them off them allows them to come back on once they’ve cooled down. If this sensor fails there is an inbuilt thermal fuse which will make the radiator safe before it can overheat dangerously.

May 29th, 2014

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May 13th, 2014

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We are very happy to announce that we have a new Operations Manager joining us in the Spring. Samantha Busher, passionate about Eskimo designer radiators, will be the first friendly voice that you hear when you give us a call. We are proud to have her as part of the Eskimo team. So give us a call, meet Sam, and let us look after you.



February 26th, 2014

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Hinge & Bracket video.

January 6th, 2014

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