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The underlying principle is that we are proud of what we design, make and sell. All areas of design, design integrity, is incredibly important to us. For our radiator products that means of course that we want you to look at Eskimo ranges and be blown away by their beautiful form, elegance, clean lines and stunning finishes. We want you to get excited about owning a piece of Eskimo product design. But it has to be so much more than that. Technical intelligence and reliability, so that all of our customers feel a huge sense of trust.

Experience is everything too and the Eskimo way is listening and understanding you and what you want. So the people on the phone will always be helpful, listen and solve things for you. Our delivery teams are as flexible as possible and always happy to lend a hand. Our sales team never too ‘salesy’, always offering the best solution for your scheme and your budget. Aftercare caring and Accounts great communicators.

We want your installer (or you if you’re a handy sort) to find the job straightforward and well explained. We want you to be warmed by your radiators throughout the coldest of winters, and smile about this well designed interior piece during the warmer parts of the year. We would like to think that if  you sell your house and move on, whoever moves in will feel the same about the radiators they inherit. For that, we believe, is the measure of good product design. It’s not fashion (and we’re not knocking fashion), it’s not art, but it is something that can be appreciated by anybody at any time. Design longevity because it quite simply works and looks great.

Eskimo are excited by what we do. The radiator designers that created Hinge & Bracket and launched CLIFF, natural stone radiators at 100% Design. Beautiful, efficient electric or hydronic radiators. A trusted brand for bespoke, inspiring designs with technical reliability and intelligence. Clean lines, stunning finishes, perfect attention to detail.


We are inspired by all of the Best Of British suppliers and skilled craftspeople that we have the pleasure of working with. Who are as excited as us about our radiators. Leading technology, speciality finishing, ground breaking materials and manufacturing processes.

Our forms and finishes are inspired by such simple, yet such pleasurable discoveries or experiences. Our natural stone finishes inspired by the dramatic coast of the UK. Our patinated copper, brass finishes and aged steel, inspired by the industrial parts of the UK. We manufacture in Birmingham. Our more reflective metal finishes and good use of colour being inspired by snowy lakes and seasonal countrysides. Distressed powder finishes inspired by the boat yards of the South West. All translated into forms and finishes that blend beautifully within YOUR scheme.


Knee rubbing excitement

Knee rubbing excitement