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We at Eskimo have a saying “don’t get down, get gorgeous”. Times may be hard just at the moment and we may have to stay in a little more. So what! Invite something hot home!

Introducing that latest Ron with a new fabulous finish, bringing something golden to the gloom.Ron. In gold. How happy are you now?

Ron was alre

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ady the world’s most beautiful radiator, now he’s beautiful, luxurious and opulent. To achieve these stunning looks, Eskimo polish, etch, then gold anodise each aluminium section from which Ron is composed. The anodising process that produces the golden finish

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on the aluminium surface, gives a translucent lustre that only a genuine metal finish can provide. This isn’t a coating. You’re looking at bare metal.

And, being Eskimo, all this gorgeousness is never at the expense of practicality, efficiency or functionality; size for size, Ron still achieves the highest heat output of any good looking radiator ever made.

Available in a range of 219 sizes at prices from £147 to £3982 including VAT with heat outputs from 35w through to a whopping 4.6kW.


February 20th, 2009

Posted In: Electronic Radiators & Heating Design